Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Happy Students Say...

As a beginning encaustic student, I found Daniella's intelligent and careful explanation of the health and safety issues very helpful and reassuring. She capably demonstrated materials and equipment handling as
well as many techniques for preparationand artful application of wax. She has agreat sense of humor which served her well as new students attempted to imitate her deft handling of the tools and materials. Her class was not only interesting and informative, but we had fun learning from Daniella who is not only a skillful artist but an excellent teacher as well.

Sue R. Wilson, Seattle, WA

I signed up for Daniella's workshop hoping for a brief
creative interlude. A chance to dabble in something
fun and interesting. But without commitment in mind at

But as soon as I got my hands on the brushes and hot
wax I was hooked. In the past with any art-making
endeavors, I've been totally fixated on the end
product. As a result I'd been stifling myself for fear
of messing things up! Or doing the wrong thing. With
Daniella I learned that there is no wrong thing. And
that the beauty of art can be in the mystery of the
process and the unpredictability of the outcome. And I
learned to love that about it. And to be less attached
to the outcomes.

Daniella's style is both engaging and informative. She
covered a vast amount of information in a way that was
totally understandable and digestible. So I didn't
feel overwhelmed.

And while I don't get to practice encaustic painting
as much as I'd like to, I do carry a sketch book and
think about it all the time. Someday I'll have my own
little studio. In the meantime, I'll take more of
Daniella's workshops!

Kate, Berkeley

Can't tell you how much I enjoyed the weekend: meeting you, the workshop,
all of it. The energy is surging. Truly, I need to figure out a way to set up and
continue this. In the lingo my kids might use: encaustic rocks!

Kimber, Minneapolis